Cumming Concrete can install new foundations of all sizes and to almost any specification found on a blueprint. Our experienced crew has been providing walls for happy customers for 30 years while never compromising quality. We have a reputation for quality, efficient work and the referrals that come our way truly speaks of that.

The ability to install a quality foundation wall at the start of a project will ensure an easier building process.

We offer tall walls up to 17’ or short wall of 4’ in place of a garage footing or retaining wall.

We will always make sure our foundation walls are on a solid base. Sometimes that requires digging much deeper than anticipated to reach a virgin ground, and we will always call in engineer to give us his stamp of approval. We may need to add a crushed stone base instead of sand, but whatever the situation, it will be done right.

If the situation arises where water is reached, we will need to look at building on pilings; again something our talented crew has done many times.

Cumming Concrete Construction can begin your project with excavating the site, install the pad footing, follow with the foundation wall and finish with a backfill. (We also install water and sewer, we really are a “one stop shop”).

We are a company that can offer a complete package with excavation, foundation, footing, block, water & sewer, backfill and complete with all flatwork inside and out.

Various Foundation Projects

Warehouse renovation showing flatwork. Click here to view this project
A new basement being installed under an existing house. Click here to view this project
A new foundation for an existing garage Click here to read project details and view project.
Installing a new basement Click here to view this project
New basement foundation, Birmingham, MI Click here for project description and photos
Parking area and curbs, Farmington, MI Click here for project description and photos
New residential basement, Oxford, MI Click here for project description and photos
Short foundation wall, South Lyon Click here for description and photos
Trenched footings, Huntington Woods Click here for project description and photos