100_1050It is commonly known that excavation and foundation work can be the most expensive part of building. With Cumming Concrete, we will bring you considerable savings and lessen conflicts with your busy schedule. Ask us about our all-in-one Excavation, Foundation and Flatwork packages.


Cumming Concrete Construction, Inc. can excavate any site. We are capable of using any machine that can allow access even into the most difficult of areas. We can excavate for new building, underneath existing structures, lot clearing or for water and sewer.

Our operators can grade or re-grade driveways to include gravel or just to provide proper drainage of water. We can also grade to create or repair elevations to a project site work with landscape architects to create visual effects.

What ever the need, our machine operators can do almost anything.

Various Excavation Projects

A new basement being installed under an existing house. Click here to view this project
New basement foundation, Birmingham Click here to view project description and photos
New residential basement Click here to view project description and photos
Trenched footings in Huntington Woods. Click here to read description and view photos